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Missing Steps: Issue 38 Action Shots

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty-Eight with tags , , , on October 13, 2012 by mohawko

At last, we present to you a series of action shots from Diane’s story, worn by Operative Katy around the campus of Arkansas Tech.

It Is Spring in Our Hearts


: D




: D


Life on Screen


: D


Mucho thanks to Operative Katy Featherston for wearing this story in such fine style.


By the way, we were recently interviewed on the Six Questions For… blog, so you should check that out straightaway, find out a little more about our druthers.

FOREIGN TONGUES: Issue 37 Action Shots!

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty-Seven with tags , , , on September 22, 2012 by mohawko

HEYO. In celebration of Chad Redden’s po3try this week, we have a glorious set of Action Shots, delivered straight into our hot little digital hands from Bulgaria by none other than Operative Delaney Nolan. Let’s go on, continue to rule this:

Yellow. Brick. Sidewalk.


Among many.




In Delaney’s words:

I wore this patch around Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria, when I was there to read at the Sofia Poetics Festival. I started by wearing it on a free walking tour, and an Austrian, a German, a Bulgarian and a Dutch guy all noticed it and asked to photograph it– they loved the idea, and most everyone in Sofia spoke English, so they could read it.


Skittle Skeletons.



w/ Guns.


I wore it at the mineral springs where I saw a gypsy woman washing her hair. I wore it at the baths– that big broke-windowed building in one photo– which used to be a social/gossip center until they had to close it up because it was falling apart.


A Riot (of Colors and Flavors)





I wore it by fruit stands and beautiful graffiti and Cyrillic warnings. I wore it to Plovdiv where we went hiking and found sheep grazing in a field around what looked like an abandoned school. My friend wore it in front of that giant monument to Soviet soldiers, which  is slowly, gradually getting torn down by the Bulgarian government.


You Know He Likes It



Meet Me at the Gates


Now it’s made it out to the coast of the blue Black Sea. благодаря, безопасна игла, това е било реално…


This Is Not a Photograph


Chad’s story saw lots of wide-open spaces. Wide-open spaces are nice-nice.  Infinite and eternal thanks to Delaney Nolan for volunteering and kicking the ball right out of the park. With a club.


That’s right. We love our sports metaphors.

WALK THE WALK: Issue 36 Action Shots!!

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Presenting, at long last, three Action Shots of our Issue 36, chiseled from the finest of operative stone, worn around NYC on the back of Operative Dylan, the very epitome of portraiture. Dig.



So far I’ve actually often forgotten I’m wearing it until my girlfriend (who is the one snapping the photos) leans over and informs me that someone has been reading the story. Most of the readers that she’s caught sight of have been on subway platforms and trains, though I hope I also had some while I took it with me to a Defiance, Ohio show last night, as I expect many in attendance would’ve gotten a kick out of the story and the project. The story also accompanied me past a Catholic mass at the beautiful church I live next to as I walked to the subway to go to brunch.

(captured via email).


Operative Dylan also took the story STRAIGHT UP DOMESTICITY LANE, cooking, buying homeware etc. Rumors of spectacle: “other adventures in the works include going to a pass-the-hat show of Americana/ bluegrass music on Wednesday in a spectacular vaudeville-esque theater space.”



Imagine: you stroll these streets. You stop. You step back. You think to yourself the same thing you think every day:


Let’s not do that again.

BOOM. EXPLOSIONS. See you soon.

Kissing the Stone: Issue 35 Action Shots!

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty-Five with tags , , , on August 24, 2012 by mohawko

Operative Tyler took a stroll around the sculpture gardens of the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis. Here are the returns, like paintings.



Like nebulae.







You have seen Tyler’s chops before. Early on in the SPR’s history, when our cagey editor was still wearing all of the stories himself, Tyler was the primary action-shot photographer.


For Those Without Bodies


Since the beginning.







(A fish.)


Talking to Strangers


Huge thanks to Tyler for being so patient in waiting for this story to come and for these elegant photos when it finally did.


Big news next week, warnings of possible prizes. Stay tuned.

Happy Food! Issue 34 Action Shots & A Report from Berit

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty-Four with tags , , , , on August 10, 2012 by mohawko

HELLO THERE. We have photos of teeming masses in Norway, with whom Berit shared elbow space during a giant food festival a few weeks ago, alongside a report from the operative herself. Dig in:

“Happy Food”:
a report by Berit Ellingsen

I had the pleasure of wearing Chad Patton’s story at a local food festival named “Gladmat,” which means “happy food” in English.

The festival sees mainly adults from the age of 18 to 50, many couples and groups of friends. We therefore decided that a story about unhappy or unrequited love would suit the food well. Simon selected Chad Patton’s little tale about domestic disharmony and sent the story with a bag o’ pins well ahead of time.

In case of really bad weather, which one always has to take into account in Norway, we decided that I’d wear the story at the local IKEA, for the sardonic flavor.

On the Friday of the festival, the weather was grey and overcast, but not too cold. People didn’t seem to mind the less than perfect weather and turned up in large numbers to sample the baked goods, cakes, smoothies, juices, vegetables, sea food, meat dishes, liquor and food related presentations and events on offer. While walking in the crowds between two lines of food tents, beer tents and restaurant tables along the pier, I learned that

1: In a dense crowd people have to watch their step more than the people and the stories around them.

2: In a dense crowd near water, one should not go too close to the edge, in case someone has an episode of poor balance.

I therefore decided to avoid the densest crowds and sought out more open parts of the festival crowds. I also walked further up into the city streets, where there were quite a few cruise-ship tourists sightseeing and shopping.

Saturday was sunny and warm, which brought even denser crowds to the festival. I heard several different Norwegian dialects, from the north, south, east and west of the country, plus Swedish, British English, American English, Scottish English, Spanish, Italian and German, so the story was potentially seen by people from all over the world.

Every year the food festival draws tens of thousands of people over the long weekend it lasts. It has not yet been announced how many people were at this year’s festival, but it didn’t seem any less than in previous years.


* * *

See you soon. There may be exciting announcements next week if things go our way (we sometimes try to force things to go our way; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t). We hope we will.

A GIANT FREAKING VEGETABLE :) Issue 33 Action Shots!!

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty-Three with tags , , , on August 3, 2012 by mohawko

Wor(l)d: for your adoration, these action shots, featuring Operative Erin wearing Russ‘s(‘s) story from our 33rd issue around Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

First, we have two pictures from Jazzercise. Because no two things go better together than salads and exercise (because they are both healthy, right).

Fix Ur Muskles

Please imagine: exercising inside a giant salad. You would never find your footing, because you would always be sinking. Fine for sleeping, but, please, have you ever tried dancing on an enormous tomato?


I didn’t think so.

These next two are from a place called the Hip Stitch (in Arabic, phonetically: هيب ستيتش) in Albuquerque.

I Got You This Muscleman for Christmas

This is some fabric featuring hunky men at Christmastime. I will one day have pants made out of hunky men (although my men will be outdoorsy, not Christmasy).

Anne is All Thumbs

Here is Flat Anne. She travels all over the world. She and Sara and Sara’s dog would probably be good friends.

One Enormous Vegetable


A GIANT PUMPKIN. At a bio park.

Hello, Mr. Punkin.


On the train to Santa Fe. This small child would get along with Sara’s dog, and Sara too. She seems very agreeable. And cute.

“Can You Do Black Sabbath?”

Russ Woods’s poetry, read to harp accompaniment.




(not a dog)


Fiiiissshhhhh Heeeeeeeeeaaaaddddds

Sandfish (Not For Eating).


Double-teaming the SPR. This our operative’s mother, Meg. Aforementioned adorable child Lily seems very wary, in her polka dots.


Hopefully these made you a little bit happier.

See you next week. : )


I Am Trying Really Hard Not to Run Away:Issue 32 Action Shots

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty-Two with tags , , , on July 28, 2012 by mohawko

It is with great pleasure that we present here the products of the little media blitz that Rebecca Haze initiated while wearing David Greenspan’s story for this week’s issue. Kicking up dust around the campus of Skidmore College. The results, in various forms, are as follows:

This post appeared on Facebook, a herald of things to come.

The story was worn in the wherabouts of Skidmore College during a month-long young writers’ conference, where, obviously, each and every attending writer was skooled by the words of Dave Greenspan.

From her shell, Rebecca wrote a preview review before things got going.


For the first time in SPR history, a story was worn on the front rather than the back.

Then she scooped us on our own story.


Finally, she ruminated on the conference and about the nightmares of the phrase ‘popcorn ceiling.’


Meanwhile, she tweeted.

Huge thanks to Rebecca for wearing the story and David Greenspan, as always, for making the words sing so loud.

Brody Dalle would be proud.

We Came Along This Road: Issue 30 Action Shots

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Thirty with tags , , , on June 29, 2012 by mohawko

Hello there, fellow travelers of the road. We come to you now from far abroad with a collection of Action Shots full of both wonder and dread, a warning of the endtimes by this week’s operative, Dirk Walker, which features no doors whatsoever but a helluva lot of asphalt. Are you intrigued yet? You should be. GO:

(Til You Get Enough)


That sky. That sky.

The Cracks, the Cracks, the Cracks in the Pavement

The prizes are stashed to the northeast. Find them and unwrap them and you may find your destiny. You may also meet despair. You may also meet Monty Hall. Careful, there are ghouls about.

All of the Children Are Dead

Or, they have all fled from here, their bare feet tramping the yellowed grass, all equally as dead as their souls.



The Flip-Flopped Wanderer

Can a wanderer catch a ride?

No, he cannot.



Only frames and fiberglass.

Parched Times in Indiana


Wouldn’t you like to know.

BIG WOOFS: Issue 29 Action Shots!

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Twenty-Nine with tags , , , on June 23, 2012 by mohawko

HELLO HI. We’re here with an exciting and surprising (!) set of Action Shots from Operative Kerry in Ann Arbor.

But first! We have two slices of news (THE ANTICIPATION):

First, the inaugural episode of Inside JokeDirk Walker‘s brand-spanking new podcast– is up up and away, and his first guest is none other than our captain and diligent poster, Simon, talking about the SPR writ large, Prometheus, and other thingamajigs. Check it out, if you dare.

Second! The Safety Pin Review is temporarily closed to submissions for the next month. Hold on to your hats until then, imagine something real good.

&etc. Let’s GET INTO IT:

Recycle Your Neighbors




Thousands of Shouting Strangers



Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

… … … …









We are exhausted from all of that adoration. Enormous thanks to Kerry Flannagan, for rocking Rachel’s work and sending back such a killer set of Action Shots.

See you soon.

* * *

The Many Faces of the SPR (Part Two) [More Issue 28 Action Shots]

Posted in Action Photos!, Issue Twenty-Eight with tags , , , , on June 17, 2012 by mohawko

Here we are, with the second part of the collection from our so-called (by one of her Korean co-teachers) “fashionista” overseas, of her and her classes in South Korea.

Face of May (in June)




Twos by Threes


Presenting… #2




A Ghost Story


Horn-Rimmed Glasses


Orange Belt Peace


How Many Fingers?


:) :) :)


Huge, huge thanks to Kelsey for sending such an awesome batch of photos, and to her students, for being so hands-on. Kelsey has a story forthcoming in the SPR; we hope whoever takes up the job of hosting her work on her back lives up to the standards she’s set! <3


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