Nectar Mattress Review

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Well below we’re going to discuss their differences and whether or not they’re worth the money. 

There has been a huge boom in popularity of memory foam mattresses in the last year or so and for good reason too!

In the past, mattresses have been incredibly expensive. With the surge of popularity on memory foam mattress, prices have dropped considerably and they are now much more affordable and just as good!

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But is it worth paying way less for something that probably won’t last you as long? 

Well to break it down simply. Nectar Mattresses are offering a high-quality mattress that lasts ages AND is still affordable!  

They offer much better quality memory foam mattresses than their competitors and still at an affordable rate. 

Granted, there are better mattresses out there but for much more money. But for the price you’re getting, a nectar mattress is certainly worth the money. 

That’s one of the many reasons why they have proved so popular amongst customers and the general public. 


Nectar mattresses use a 5 tier layer to provide optimal comfort and sleeping. 

They have both a quilted memory foam layer and a standard gel memory foam layer that contours well to your body but doesn’t have that sinking feeling that many lower quality mattresses have which can leave you hot and unable to move with ease.

Both these factors mean that the nectar has significantly been shown to keep you cooler than a lot of other memory foam mattresses on the market today. 

It has a number of other layers which help with sleeping, which can be viewed here


1. Tencel cooling recovery

Helps circulate air and wick away heat while you sleep

2. Quilted gel memory foam

Contours to your body to alleviate pressure points. 

3. Gel memory foam

Distributes your weight evenly across the bed. 

4. Adaptive high core memory foam

Supports your body providing some bounce and rebound. 

5. Breathable base layer

Reinforces the whole mattress supports the other layer. Gives a stable foundation. 

Contours your body and excellent motion isolation Weak edge support
Quality memory foam mattress at a cheaper rate than others Cheaper options are available
Low-cost lifetime warranty
Financing available

If you’re looking for a cheaper mattress than click here to see the best mattresses under $500.



Very durable. The Nectar has been tested to offer the same amount of support after a year of use and does not degrade over time. Making it much more durable than other memory foam mattresses on the market.


Nectar’s memory foam mattresses come in one firmness rating: Medium Firm

They have done hours of testing to find this to be the best firmness – not too soft, not too hard.


The dual layers of the nectar mattress offer close conforming and a lot of users claim it offers pressure relief in the neck, back, and shoulders.

Motion isolation

The Nectar Mattress absorbs and minimizes motion more than a lot of other memory foam mattresses and is perfect for those who sleep in the same bed and is great for light sleepers too. 


It’s virtually silent when moving and again great for light sleepers


If you love the feel of memory foam mattresses in general – you’ll love this. 

There are so many poor quality mattresses out there, it’s refreshing to see Nectar doing it right!

If you’re a light sleeper and share your bed with a partner. 

If you want a mattress that contours your body to alleviate pain in your neck, back and shoulders. 

You have trouble with the heat of other memory foam mattresses. The Nectar mattress remains pretty cool throughout. 


Every mattress is 11” in height. 

Nectar offers a great deal too. Every mattress comes with two free pillows.

Twin 39” Width x 75” Length $524
Twin Extra Long 39” Width x 80” Length $594
Full 54” Width x 75” Length $724
Queen 60” Width x 80” Length $824
King 76” Width x 80” Length $924
California King 72” Width x 84” Length $924
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