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Noir and Funeral: Issue Twenty-One Action Shots

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Action Shots from last week’s issue by J. Bradley, brought to you from Sleep No More by @NoSexCity and Jack Cazir. They speak for themselves.





















Issue Twenty-Two will go live tomorrow.

Issue Twenty-One!!

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Hello, lovers. We are oh-so-proud to present to you our twenty-first issue, from a veteran SPR author. This one is double-teaming around New York City on the backs of Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity, alongside last week’s story by Laura Hallman. Watch them play, love, roam together. See how softly we all speak when horrific things happen. Welcome, friends, to the Valentine:



“October 2001”

by J. Bradley

Operatives: Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity

About the author: J. Bradley is a contributing writer to Specter Magazine and the Interviews Editor of PANK Magazine. He lives at Follow him on Twitter @iheartfailure.

About the operatives: Jack Cazir and @NoSexCity (NYC, south and north Brooklyn) operate in the shape of a Venn diagram.